Dr. Ieva Stončikaitė holds a PhD, which focused on the intersection of ageing, sexuality, body politics, and the literary creation in the works of Erica Jong. Ieva is a member of the research group GrupDedal-Lit (U of Lleida, Spain) in collaboration with the SIforAGE project, and a member of the ENAS Advisory Board. She is also affiliated with the TCAS (Trent U, Canada) and ACT (Concordia U, Canada). Her current research interests include cultural gerontology, leisure and sexual tourism, and social innovation related to active and healthy ageing. Ieva has also co-taught as assistant lecturer at the Department of English and Linguistics at the U of Lleida.




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  • Organization and implementation of a Workshop on Creative Writing, Sexuality and Ageing. University of Lleida, Senior Programme, Aula Oberta. 23 Nov-14 Dec, 2018. In collaboration with Núria Mina and Anna Soldevila.
  • A Trainee Grant to attend the 2nd Training School (ROSEnet COST Action CA 15122) organised by INRCA (Italy’s National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing) in collaboration with the University of Camerino. Topic: Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion. 18-21Sept 2017, Camerino, Italy
  • Organization Committee of the Project’s “Aging and Gender in Contemporary Literary Creation in English” “Experts’ Meeting” (14-15/12/2015) of the research group, Grup Dedal-Lit, Lleida. Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, 2013-2015
  • Organization Committee of the Final Conference of the Project SIforAGE(19-21/10/2016), Barcelona
  • A representative of the Project SIforAGE in general meetings and national and international conferences and events:
  • - SIforAGE and European Parliament Event “Towards ‘a Europe for All Ages’". 18 April 2016 (European Parliament, Brussels)
  • - SIforAGE General Meeting. 26-27 May 2016 (Pau, France)
  • - SIforAGE General Meeting. 11-13 Nov 2015 (Turin, Italy)
  • - SIforAGE Project: Work Package 6.2 Lecture and Round Table / “Final Conference - Preparation Meeting”. 9 Dec 2014 (Barcelona, Spain)
  • - SIforAGE General Meeting. 4-7 Nov 2014 (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • - International Conference: "Changes in the perception of ageing during the decade of Lithuania’s membership of the European Union." 4-7 Nov 2014 (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • - One-day conference: “Primer, les Persones: Cuidar com ens agradaria que ens cuidessin”. Obra Social la Caixa. 1 June 2016 (Madrid, Spain)
  • - One-day conference: “Primer, les Persones: Cuidar com ens agradaria que ens cuidessin”. Obra Social la Caixa. 16 June 2015 (Girona, Spain)